Seasonal Work

Work is available all year round in Kerikeri. Mid March to Mid June is the "Silly Season". At this time of year we will literally drag you from your beds and send you out working. Its the main Fruit harvesting time and all hands are required to help get the fruit off the trees. At other times work can be sporadic.

At these times, do not expect to check-in one day and start the next. It really needs you to do a little foot work and help find available jobs.

We are an established Work hostel and employers do approach us for workers on a day to day basis, but you do have to be here to take advantage of these jobs.

As soon as you are checked in at Kericentral We will do our best to help you find work. We operate a "Fair work Policy" of  FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.

What sort of work is available and when?

January to mid-March
Fruit thinning and summer pruning - mandarins, kiwifruit an feijoas

  • 200 vacancies
  • This is outdoor work, you will need a sunhat, sunscreen, long sleeves, water bottle.
  • On-job training, paid by piece rate
Mid-March to end July
Fruit picking - mandarins, kiwifruit, lemons, persimmons, feijoas
  • 500 + vacancies.
  • Picking fruit from trees/vines into picking bags which are then emptied into bins, pickers are paid an agreed rate for each bin of fruit picked - the more you pick the more you earn
  • Fruit grading Sorting fruit on a conveyor before it goes into boxes/trays, may require standing or sitting for long periods of time, good eyesight required, paid by hourly rate, some packhouses may offer night shift
  • Fruit packing Putting fruit into trays/boxes, requires stickability and involves standing for long periods of time, some lifting involved
  • Paid by hourly rate, some packhouses may offer nightshift
  • Stacking/strapping Stacking of packed boxes/crates of fruit onto pallets and strapping them down, requires heavy lifting, strength and stamina, paid by hourly rate
June to December
pruning and thinning Kiwifruit, mandarins, lemons
  • Working outdoors, often in wet conditions, need suitable clothing, paid by piece rate